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void wxPdfDocument::Text ( double  x,
double  y,
const wxString &  txt 
) [virtual]

Prints a character string.

The origin is on the left of the first charcter, on the baseline. This method allows to place a string precisely on the page, but it is usually easier to use Cell(), MultiCell() or Write() which are the standard methods to print text.

xAbscissa of the origin
yOrdinate of the origin
txtString to print
See also:
SetFont(), SetTextColor(), Cell(), MultiCell(), Write()

Definition at line 863 of file pdfdoc.cpp.

References DoDecoration(), Double2String(), wxPdfColour::GetColor(), m_colorFlag, m_currentFont, m_decoration, m_h, m_k, m_textColor, Out(), OutAscii(), TextEscape(), and wxPdfFont::UpdateUsedChars().

Referenced by wxPdfBarCodeCreator::Barcode(), wxPdfBarCodeCreator::Code39(), wxPdfBarCodeCreator::I25(), and RotatedText().

  // Output a string
  if (m_colorFlag)
    Out("q ", false);
    OutAscii(m_textColor.GetColor(false), false);
    Out(" ", false);
  OutAscii(wxString(_T("BT ")) +
           Double2String(x*m_k,2) + wxString(_T(" ")) +
           Double2String((m_h-y)*m_k,2) + wxString(_T(" Td (")), false);
  Out(") Tj ET", false);
  if (m_currentFont != 0)

  if ((m_decoration & wxPDF_FONT_DECORATION) && txt.Length() > 0)
    Out(" ", false);
    OutAscii(DoDecoration(x, y, txt), false);

  if (m_colorFlag)
    Out(" Q", false);
  Out("\n", false);

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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