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wxPGPropertyWithChildren Class Reference

wxPGPropertyWithChildren, alias wxParentPropertyClass, is a base class for new properties that have sub-properties. For example, wxFontProperty and wxFlagsProperty descend from this class. More...

#include <propgrid.h>

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Inheritance graph
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Public Types

typedef void * ClientDataType
typedef short FlagType

Public Member Functions

void AddChild (wxPGProperty *prop)
int AppendChoice (const wxString &label, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
bool CanHaveExtraChildren () const
virtual void ChildChanged (wxPGProperty *p)
void ClearFlag (FlagType flag)
void DeleteChoice (int index)
virtual const wxPGEditorDoGetEditorClass () const
virtual wxValidator * DoGetValidator () const
virtual wxPGVariant DoGetValue () const
virtual void DoSetValue (wxPGVariant value)
void Empty ()
bool EnsureDataExt ()
void FixIndexesOfChildren (size_t starthere=0)
unsigned int GetArrIndex () const
wxString GetAttributes (unsigned int flagmask=0xFFFF)
size_t GetChildCount () const
virtual int GetChoiceInfo (wxPGChoiceInfo *choiceinfo)
virtual const
GetClassInfo () const =0
virtual wxPG_CONST_WXCHAR_PTR GetClassName () const =0
ClientDataType GetClientData () const
size_t GetCount () const
wxPGPropertyDataExtGetDataExt ()
wxString GetDisplayedString () const
const wxPGEditorGetEditorClass () const
unsigned int GetFlags () const
wxPropertyGridGetGrid () const
wxString GetHelpString () const
wxPGId GetId ()
virtual wxSize GetImageSize () const
unsigned int GetIndexInParent () const
wxPGPropertyGetItemAtY (unsigned int y, unsigned int lh)
const wxString & GetLabel () const
const wxPGPropertyGetLastVisibleSubItem () const
wxPGPropertyGetMainParent () const
int GetMaxLength () const
const wxString & GetName () const
wxPGPropertyWithChildrenGetParent () const
signed char GetParentingType () const
wxPropertyGridStateGetParentState () const
wxPGPropertyGetPropertyByName (const wxString &name) const
const wxChar * GetType () const
wxValidator * GetValidator () const
virtual wxString GetValueAsString (int argFlags=0) const
wxVariant GetValueAsVariant () const
wxBitmap * GetValueImage () const
virtual const wxPGValueTypeGetValueType () const =0
const wxPGValueTypeGetValueTypePtr () const
int GetY () const
bool HasFlag (FlagType flag) const
bool Hide (bool hide)
int Index (const wxPGProperty *p) const
int InsertChoice (const wxString &label, int index, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
bool IsEnabled () const
bool IsExpanded () const
bool IsFlagSet (FlagType flag) const
bool IsKindOf (wxPGPropertyClassInfo &info)
bool IsOk () const
bool IsSomeParent (wxPGProperty *candidate_parent) const
bool IsSubProperty () const
bool IsValueUnspecified () const
wxPGPropertyItem (size_t i) const
wxPGPropertyLast () const
virtual void OnCustomPaint (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, wxPGPaintData &paintdata)
virtual bool OnEvent (wxPropertyGrid *propgrid, wxWindow *wnd_primary, wxEvent &event)
void PrepareSubProperties ()
bool PrepareValueForDialogEditing (wxPropertyGrid *propgrid)
bool RecreateEditor ()
virtual void RefreshChildren ()
void SetAttrib (int id, wxVariant value)
virtual void SetAttribute (int id, wxVariant &value)
void SetAttributes (const wxString &attributes)
bool SetChoices (wxPGChoices &choices)
bool SetChoices (const wxArrayString &labels, const wxArrayInt &values=wxPG_EMPTY_ARRAYINT)
void SetChoiceSelection (int newValue, const wxPGChoiceInfo &choiceInfo)
void SetChoicesExclusive ()
void SetClientData (ClientDataType clientData)
void SetEditor (const wxPGEditor *editor)
void SetEditor (const wxString &editorName)
void SetFlag (FlagType flag)
void SetHelpString (const wxString &helpString)
void SetLabel (const wxString &label)
bool SetMaxLength (int maxLen)
void SetValidator (const wxValidator &validator)
virtual bool SetValueFromInt (long value, int flags=0)
virtual bool SetValueFromString (const wxString &text, int flags)
void SetValueImage (wxBitmap &bmp)
void SetValueToUnspecified ()
void ShowError (const wxString &msg)
bool StdValidationProcedure (wxPGVariant value)
void SubPropsChanged (int oldSelInd=-1)
void UpdateControl (wxWindow *primary)
bool UsesAutoUnspecified () const
 wxPGPropertyWithChildren ()
 wxPGPropertyWithChildren (const wxString &label, const wxString &name)
virtual ~wxPGPropertyWithChildren ()

Protected Member Functions

void AddChild2 (wxPGProperty *prop, int index=-1, bool correct_mode=true)
void DoSetName (const wxString &str)
unsigned int GetDepth () const
void Init (const wxString &label, const wxString &name)
void Init ()
void SetParentState (wxPropertyGridState *pstate)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int m_arrIndex
unsigned char m_bgColIndex
wxPGArrayProperty m_children
ClientDataType m_clientData
unsigned char m_depth
unsigned char m_depthBgCol
unsigned char m_expanded
unsigned char m_fgColIndex
FlagType m_flags
wxString m_label
short m_maxLen
wxString m_name
signed char m_parentingType
int m_y


class wxPGProperty
class wxPropertyGrid
class wxPropertyGridState

Detailed Description

wxPGPropertyWithChildren, alias wxParentPropertyClass, is a base class for new properties that have sub-properties. For example, wxFontProperty and wxFlagsProperty descend from this class.

Definition at line 2382 of file propgrid.h.

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