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avVersionEditorDlg Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void AddButtonId (wxWindowID id)
 Add an id to the list of custom button identifiers that should be in the button sizer.
 avVersionEditorDlg (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=-1)
virtual bool CanDoLayoutAdaptation ()
 Can we do the adaptation?
bool Create (wxWindow *parent, int id=wxID_ANY, const wxString &title=wxEmptyString, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxDEFAULT_DIALOG_STYLE, const wxString &name=_("dialogBox"))
virtual bool DoLayoutAdaptation ()
 Do the adaptation.
bool GetAuto () const
long GetBuild () const
long GetBuildMaximum () const
long GetBuildTimesToMinorIncrement () const
wxArrayInt & GetButtonIds ()
bool GetChanges () const
wxString GetChangesLogPath () const
wxString GetChangesTitle () const
bool GetCommit () const
bool GetCommitAsk () const
virtual wxWindow * GetContentWindow () const
 Returns a content window if there is one.
long GetCount () const
bool GetDates () const
wxDialog * GetDialog () const
wxString GetHeaderGuard () const
wxString GetHeaderPath () const
wxString GetLanguage () const
bool GetLayoutAdaptationDone () const
int GetLayoutAdaptationLevel () const
 Get level of adaptation.
long GetMajor () const
long GetMinor () const
long GetMinorMaximum () const
wxString GetNamespace () const
wxString GetPrefix () const
long GetRevision () const
long GetRevisionMaximum () const
long GetRevisionRandomMaximum () const
wxString GetStatus () const
wxString GetStatusAbbreviation () const
bool GetSvn () const
wxString GetSvnDirectory () const
void Init ()
bool IsUserButtonId (wxWindowID id)
 Is this id in the custom button id array?
void SetAuto (bool value)
void SetBuild (long value)
void SetBuildMaximum (long value)
void SetBuildTimesToMinorIncrement (long value)
void SetChanges (bool value)
void SetChangesLogPath (const wxString &value)
void SetChangesTitle (const wxString &value)
void SetCommit (bool value)
void SetCommitAsk (bool value)
void SetCount (long value)
void SetCurrentProject (const wxString &projectName)
void SetDates (bool value)
void SetDialog (wxDialog *dialog)
void SetHeaderGuard (const wxString &value)
void SetHeaderPath (const wxString &value)
void SetLanguage (const wxString &value)
void SetLayoutAdaptationDone (bool adaptationDone)
 Returns true if the adaptation has been done.
void SetLayoutAdaptationLevel (int level)
void SetMajor (long value)
void SetMinor (long value)
void SetMinorMaximum (long value)
void SetNamespace (const wxString &value)
void SetPrefix (const wxString &value)
void SetRevision (long value)
void SetRevisionMaximum (long value)
void SetRevisionRandomMaximum (long value)
void SetStatus (const wxString &value)
void SetStatusAbbreviation (const wxString &value)
void SetSvn (bool value)
void SetSvnDirectory (const wxString &value)
virtual bool Show (bool show=true)
 Override Show to rejig the control and sizer hierarchy if necessary.
virtual int ShowModal ()
 Override ShowModal to rejig the control and sizer hierarchy if necessary.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool GetLayoutAdaptation ()
 Global switch for layout adaptation.
static wxDialogLayoutAdapterGetLayoutAdapter ()
static void SetLayoutAdaptation (bool enable)
static wxDialogLayoutAdapterSetLayoutAdapter (wxDialogLayoutAdapter *adapter)
 Set layout adapter class, returning old adapter.

Static Public Attributes

static const long ID_ABBREVIATION_COMBOBOX = wxNewId()
static const long ID_ACCEPT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_ASKCOMMIT_CHECK = wxNewId()
static const long ID_AUTO_CHECK = wxNewId()
static const long ID_AV_NOTEBOOK = wxNewId()
static const long ID_BUILD_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_BUILD_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_BUILDNUMBERMAX_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_BUILDNUMBERMAX_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_BUILDTIMES_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_BUILDTIMES_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_CANCEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_CHANGES_PANEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_CHANGESLOGPATH_BUTTON = wxNewId()
static const long ID_CHANGESLOGPATH_TEXTCTRL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_CHANGESPATH_STATICTEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_CHANGESTITLE_TEXTCTRL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_CODE_PANEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_COMMIT_CHECK = wxNewId()
static const long ID_COUNT_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_COUNT_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_DATES_CHECK = wxNewId()
static const long ID_FORMAT_STATICTEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_FORMATS_STATICTEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_GENERATECHANGES_CHECKBOX = wxNewId()
static const long ID_HEADER_GUARD_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_HEADER_GUARD_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_HEADERLANGUAGE_RADIOBOX = wxNewId()
static const long ID_HEADERPATH_BUTTON = wxNewId()
static const long ID_HEADERPATH_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_HEADERPATH_TEXTCTRL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_MAJOR_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_MAJOR_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_MINOR_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_MINOR_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_MINORMAXIMUM_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_MINORMAXIMUN_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_NAMESPACE_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_NAMESPACE_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_PREFIX_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_PREFIX_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_REVISION_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_REVISION_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_REVISIONMAX_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_REVISIONMAX_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_REVISIONRANDOM_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_REVISIONRANDOM_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_SATUS_LABEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_SCHEME_PANEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_SETTINGS_PANEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_STATICLINE1 = wxNewId()
static const long ID_STATICLINE2 = wxNewId()
static const long ID_STATICLINE3 = wxNewId()
static const long ID_STATICLINE4 = wxNewId()
static const long ID_STATICTEXT1 = wxNewId()
static const long ID_STATICTEXT2 = wxNewId()
static const long ID_STATUS_COMBOBOX = wxNewId()
static const long ID_STATUS_PANEL = wxNewId()
static const long ID_SVN_CHECK = wxNewId()
static const long ID_SVNDIR_BUTTON = wxNewId()
static const long ID_SVNDIR_TEXT = wxNewId()
static const long ID_VALIDATE_TIMER = wxNewId()
static const long ID_VALUES_PANEL = wxNewId()

Protected Member Functions

void OnAcceptClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCancelClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChangesLogPathClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChkChangesClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChkCommitClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChoAbbreviationSelect (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChoStatusSelect (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCmbAbbreviationSelect (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCmbStatusSelect (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnHeaderPathClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnMouseEnter (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnnbAutoVersioningPageChanged (wxNotebookEvent &event)
void OnSvnCheck (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSvnDirectoryClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnTextChanged (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnTmrValidateInputTrigger (wxTimerEvent &event)
void OnTxtRevisionRandomText (wxCommandEvent &event)

Protected Attributes

wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer1
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer12
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer19
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer2
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer3
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer4
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer5
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer6
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer7
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer8
wxBoxSizer * BoxSizer9
wxButton * btnAccept
wxButton * btnCancel
wxButton * btnChangesLogPath
wxButton * btnHeaderPath
wxButton * btnSvnDir
wxBoxSizer * buildNumberMaxSizer
wxBoxSizer * buttonsSizer
wxBoxSizer * changesSizer
wxCheckBox * chkAskCommit
wxCheckBox * chkAutoIncrement
wxCheckBox * chkChanges
wxCheckBox * chkCommit
wxCheckBox * chkDates
wxCheckBox * chkSvn
wxComboBox * cmbAbbreviation
wxComboBox * cmbStatus
wxStaticText * lblBuild
wxStaticText * lblBuildNumberMaximun
wxStaticText * lblBuildTimes
wxStaticText * lblChangesFormats
wxStaticText * lblChangesPath
wxStaticText * lblChangesTitle
wxStaticText * lblCount
wxStaticText * lblCurrentProject
wxStaticText * lblHeaderGuard
wxStaticText * lblHeaderPath
wxStaticText * lblMajor
wxStaticText * lblMinor
wxStaticText * lblMinorMaximum
wxStaticText * lblNamespace
wxStaticText * lblPrefix
wxStaticText * lblRevision
wxStaticText * lblRevisionMax
wxStaticText * lblRevisionRandom
wxStaticText * lblStatus
wxArrayInt m_buttonIds
wxDialog * m_dialog
int m_layoutAdaptationLevel
bool m_layoutLayoutAdaptationDone
wxBoxSizer * mainSizer
wxBoxSizer * minorMaxSizer
wxNotebook * nbAutoVersioning
wxPanel * pnlChanges
wxPanel * pnlCode
wxPanel * pnlScheme
wxPanel * pnlSettings
wxPanel * pnlStatus
wxPanel * pnlVersionValues
wxRadioBox * rbHeaderLanguage
wxBoxSizer * schemeSizer
wxBoxSizer * settingsSizer
wxStaticLine * StaticLine1
wxStaticLine * StaticLine2
wxStaticLine * StaticLine3
wxStaticLine * StaticLine4
wxStaticText * StaticText1
wxBoxSizer * statusSizer
wxBoxSizer * svnSizer
wxTimer tmrValidateInput
wxTextCtrl * txtBuildCount
wxTextCtrl * txtBuildNumber
wxTextCtrl * txtBuildNumberMaximun
wxTextCtrl * txtBuildTimes
wxTextCtrl * txtChangesLogPath
wxTextCtrl * txtChangesTitle
wxTextCtrl * txtHeaderGuard
wxTextCtrl * txtHeaderPath
wxTextCtrl * txtMajorVersion
wxTextCtrl * txtMinorMaximun
wxTextCtrl * txtMinorVersion
wxTextCtrl * txtNameSpace
wxTextCtrl * txtPrefix
wxTextCtrl * txtRevisionMax
wxTextCtrl * txtRevisionNumber
wxTextCtrl * txtRevisionRandom
wxTextCtrl * txtSvnDir
wxBoxSizer * valuesSizer

Static Protected Attributes

static bool sm_layoutAdaptation = true
static wxDialogLayoutAdaptersm_layoutAdapter = NULL

Private Member Functions

void ValidateInput ()

Private Attributes

bool m_askCommit
bool m_autoMajorMinor
long m_build
long m_buildMaximun
long m_buildTimesToMinorIncrement
long m_changes
wxString m_changesLogPath
wxString m_changesTitle
bool m_commit
long m_count
bool m_dates
wxString m_headerGuard
wxString m_headerPath
wxString m_language
long m_major
long m_minor
long m_minorMaximun
wxString m_namespace
wxString m_prefix
long m_revision
long m_revisionMaximun
long m_revisionRandomMaximun
wxString m_status
wxString m_statusAbbreviation
bool m_svn
wxString m_svnDirectory

Detailed Description

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