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SnippetProperty Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void AddButtonId (wxWindowID id)
 Add an id to the list of custom button identifiers that should be in the button sizer.
virtual bool CanDoLayoutAdaptation ()
 Can we do the adaptation?
bool Create (wxWindow *parent, int id=wxID_ANY, const wxString &title=wxEmptyString, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxDEFAULT_DIALOG_STYLE, const wxString &name=_("dialogBox"))
virtual bool DoLayoutAdaptation ()
 Do the adaptation.
wxArrayInt & GetButtonIds ()
virtual wxWindow * GetContentWindow () const
 Returns a content window if there is one.
wxDialog * GetDialog () const
bool GetLayoutAdaptationDone () const
int GetLayoutAdaptationLevel () const
 Get level of adaptation.
void Init ()
bool IsUserButtonId (wxWindowID id)
 Is this id in the custom button id array?
void SetDialog (wxDialog *dialog)
void SetLayoutAdaptationDone (bool adaptationDone)
 Returns true if the adaptation has been done.
void SetLayoutAdaptationLevel (int level)
virtual bool Show (bool show=true)
 Override Show to rejig the control and sizer hierarchy if necessary.
virtual int ShowModal ()
 Override ShowModal to rejig the control and sizer hierarchy if necessary.
 SnippetProperty (wxTreeCtrl *pTree, wxTreeItemId itemId, wxSemaphore *pWaitSem)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool GetLayoutAdaptation ()
 Global switch for layout adaptation.
static wxDialogLayoutAdapterGetLayoutAdapter ()
static void SetLayoutAdaptation (bool enable)
static wxDialogLayoutAdapterSetLayoutAdapter (wxDialogLayoutAdapter *adapter)
 Set layout adapter class, returning old adapter.

Protected Member Functions

wxString GetSnippet ()
wxScintillaGetSnippetEditCtrl ()
wxTreeCtrl * GetSnippetsTreeCtrl ()
void InvokeEditOnSnippetFile ()
void InvokeEditOnSnippetText ()
bool IsSnippetFile ()
void OnCancel (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnFileSelectButton (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnOk (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSnippetButton (wxCommandEvent &event)

Protected Attributes

wxArrayInt m_buttonIds
wxDialog * m_dialog
wxButton * m_FileSelectButton
wxStaticText * m_ItemLabelStaticText
wxTextCtrl * m_ItemLabelTextCtrl
int m_layoutAdaptationLevel
bool m_layoutLayoutAdaptationDone
wxStdDialogButtonSizer * m_sdbSizer1
wxButton * m_SnippetButton
wxStaticText * m_SnippetStaticText
wxPoint pos

Static Protected Attributes

static bool sm_layoutAdaptation = true
static wxDialogLayoutAdaptersm_layoutAdapter = NULL

Private Member Functions

void InitSnippetProperty (wxTreeCtrl *pTree, wxTreeItemId itemId, wxSemaphore *pWaitSem)

Private Attributes

int m_nScrollWidthMax
wxTreeCtrl * m_pTreeCtrl
wxSemaphore * m_pWaitingSemaphore
wxTreeItemId m_TreeItemId


class SnippetDropTarget

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file snippetproperty.h.

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