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GDB_driver Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  QueuePriority { Low = 0, High }

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddBreakpoint (DebuggerBreakpoint *bp)
virtual void AddDirectory (const wxString &dir)
virtual void Backtrace ()
virtual void ClearDirectories ()
void ClearQueue ()
 clears the queue
virtual void Continue ()
virtual void CPURegisters ()
DebuggerCmdCurrentCommand ()
 returns the currently executing command
void DebugLog (const wxString &msg)
virtual void Detach ()
virtual void Disassemble ()
virtual void EvaluateSymbol (const wxString &symbol, const wxRect &tipRect)
 GDB_driver (DebuggerGDB *plugin)
virtual long GetChildPID () const
virtual wxString GetCommandLine (const wxString &debugger, int pid)
virtual wxString GetCommandLine (const wxString &debugger, const wxString &debuggee)
virtual const CursorGetCursor () const
virtual wxString GetDisassemblyFlavour (void)
wxString GetScriptedTypeCommand (const wxString &gdb_type, wxString &parse_func)
void InfoDLL ()
void InfoFiles ()
void InfoFPU ()
void InfoFrame ()
void InfoSignals ()
virtual bool IsStopped ()
void Log (const wxString &msg)
virtual void MemoryDump ()
virtual void ParseOutput (const wxString &output)
virtual void Prepare (ProjectBuildTarget *target, bool isConsole)
void QueueCommand (DebuggerCmd *dcmd, QueuePriority prio=Low)
 add a command in the queue. The DebuggerCmd will be deleted automatically when finished.
virtual void RemoveBreakpoint (DebuggerBreakpoint *bp)
void RemoveTopCommand (bool deleteIt=true)
 removes the top command (it has finished)
virtual void RunningThreads ()
void RunQueue ()
 runs the next command in the queue, if it is idle
virtual void SetArguments (const wxString &args)
virtual void SetChildPID (long pid)
virtual void SetDebugWindows (BacktraceDlg *b, DisassemblyDlg *d, CPURegistersDlg *r, ExamineMemoryDlg *m, ThreadsDlg *t)
virtual void SetVarValue (const wxString &var, const wxString &value)
virtual void SetWorkingDirectory (const wxString &dir)
void ShowFile (const wxString &file, int line)
virtual void Start (bool breakOnEntry)
virtual void Step ()
virtual void StepIn ()
virtual void StepInstruction ()
virtual void StepOut ()
virtual void Stop ()
virtual void SwitchThread (size_t threadIndex)
virtual void SwitchToFrame (size_t number)
virtual void UpdateWatches (bool doLocals, bool doArgs, DebuggerTree *tree)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void NotifyCursorChanged ()
virtual void ResetCursor ()

Protected Attributes

wxString m_Args
long m_ChildPID
Cursor m_Cursor
DebuggerCommands m_DCmds
wxArrayString m_Dirs
wxString m_LastCursorAddress
bool m_ProgramIsStopped
bool m_QueueBusy
wxString m_WorkingDir

Private Member Functions

void CorrectCygwinPath (wxString &path)
void DetectCygwinMount (void)
RemoteDebuggingGetRemoteDebuggingInfo ()
void HandleMainBreakPoint (const wxRegEx &reBreak, wxString line)
void InitializeScripting ()
void RegisterType (const wxString &name, const wxString &regex, const wxString &eval_func, const wxString &parse_func)

Private Attributes

bool disable_debug_events
wxString flavour
bool m_BreakOnEntry
wxString m_CygdrivePrefix
bool m_CygwinPresent
bool m_forceUpdate
long m_GDBVersionMajor
long m_GDBVersionMinor
bool m_IsStarted
bool m_ManualBreakOnEntry
RemoteDebugging m_MergedRDInfo
bool m_needsUpdate
TypesArray m_Types
bool want_debug_events

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file gdb_driver.h.

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