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FileAnalysis Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 FileAnalysis ()
 Default constructor (no initialisation -> call ReInit after this)
 FileAnalysis (const wxString &FileName)
 Initialiasing constructor (calls ReInit)
wxString GetEOL ()
 Detects and returns the end-of-line type of the file.
wxArrayString GetFwdDecls ()
 Returns the forward declararions (parsed using ParseForForwardDecls before)
wxArrayString GetIncludes ()
 Returns the include files (parsed using ParseForIncludes before)
wxString GetLog ()
 Returns the protocol (log) of the last operation.
wxString GetNextLine ()
 Returns the nest line in a file for iterators.
bool HasMoreLines ()
 Returns whether there is another line to parse for iterators.
bool IsHeaderFile ()
 Returns whether the file is a header file (upon file extension)
void LoadFile ()
 Load the file from cbEditor or disk and splits it up into lines.
wxArrayString ParseForFwdDecls ()
 Parses the file for forward declarations (only if it's a header file)
wxArrayString ParseForIncludes ()
 Parses the file for includes and takes included header file into account.
void ReInit (const wxString &FileName, bool verbose=false)
 Has usually to be called first -> initialises the class and reads the file.
void Rewind ()
 "Rewinds" the file and re-starts from the first line for iterators
void SaveFile (const wxString &Prepend)
 Saves the file to cbEditor or disk and prepends a string (the includes)

Private Member Functions

void Reset ()
 Internal function to reset all states (for re-initialisation).

Private Attributes

size_t m_CurrentLine
 Current line in the file (used for iterators)
 The editor that is being use to parse for contents.
wxString m_FileContent
 The content of the currently operated file.
wxString m_FileName
 The filename of the currently operated file.
wxArrayString m_ForwardDecls
 A list of forward declarations of the currently operated file.
bool m_HasHeaderFile
 Flag whether the currently operated has a header file.
wxArrayString m_IncludedHeaders
 A list of included header files of the currently operated file.
bool m_IsHeaderFile
 Flag whether the currently operated file is a header file (upon file extension)
wxArrayString m_LinesOfFile
 The content (line-by-line) of the currently operated file.
wxString m_Log
 The protocol (log) of the current file analysis.
bool m_Verbose
 Be verbose in debug messages (be silent otherwise)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file fileanalysis.h.

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