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DebuggerTree Class Reference

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struct  WatchTreeEntry

Public Member Functions

void AddWatch (const wxString &watch, WatchFormat format=Undefined, bool notify=true)
void BeginUpdateTree ()
 Clears and freezes the tree for massive updates.
void BuildTree (Watch *watch, const wxString &infoText, WatchStringFormat fmt)
 adds a new node to the tree, parsing infoText
void ClearWatches ()
 DebuggerTree (wxWindow *parent, DebuggerGDB *debugger)
void DeleteAllWatches ()
void DeleteWatch (Watch *watch, bool notify=true)
void DeleteWatch (const wxString &watch, WatchFormat format=Any, bool notify=true)
void EndUpdateTree ()
 Un-freezes the tree.
WatchFindWatch (const wxString &watch, WatchFormat format=Any)
int FindWatchIndex (const wxString &watch, WatchFormat format=Any)
wxTreeCtrl * GetTree ()
const WatchesArray & GetWatches ()
void SetWatches (const WatchesArray &watches)

Protected Member Functions

void BuildTreeCDB (Watch *watch, const wxString &infoText)
void BuildTreeGDB (Watch *watch, const wxString &infoText)
void NotifyForChangedWatches ()
void OnAddWatch (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnChangeValue (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnDeleteAllWatches (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnDeleteWatch (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnDereferencePointer (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnEditWatch (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnLoadWatchFile (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnRightClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSaveWatchFile (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnTreeRightClick (wxTreeEvent &event)
void OnWatchThis (wxCommandEvent &event)
void ShowMenu (wxTreeItemId id, const wxPoint &pt)

Protected Attributes

int m_CurrNumUpdates
int m_NumUpdates
wxTreeCtrl * m_pTree
wxArrayString m_TreeState
WatchesArray m_Watches

Private Member Functions

void BuildTree (WatchTreeEntry &entry, wxTreeItemId parent)
int FindCharOutsideQuotes (const wxString &str, wxChar ch)
int FindCommaPos (const wxString &str)
void FixupVarNameForChange (wxString &str)
void ParseEntry (WatchTreeEntry &entry, Watch *watch, wxString &text, long array_index=-1)

Private Attributes

bool m_InUpdateBlock
WatchTreeEntry m_RootEntry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file debuggertree.h.

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