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DebuggerState Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int AddBreakpoint (DebuggerBreakpoint *bp)
int AddBreakpoint (const wxString &file, int line, bool temp=false, const wxString &lineText=wxEmptyString)
int AddBreakpoint (const wxString &dataAddr, bool onRead=false, bool onWrite=true)
void ApplyBreakpoints ()
void CleanUp ()
 DebuggerState (DebuggerGDB *plugin)
DebuggerBreakpointGetBreakpoint (int idx)
DebuggerBreakpointGetBreakpointByNumber (int num)
BreakpointsList & GetBreakpoints ()
DebuggerDriverGetDriver ()
 Will always return a driver, or throw a code assertion error.
int HasBreakpoint (const wxString &file, int line)
int HasBreakpoint (const wxString &dataAddr)
bool HasDriver ()
 Check so see if Driver exists before getting it.
void RemoveAllBreakpoints (const wxString &file, bool deleteit=true)
void RemoveAllProjectBreakpoints (cbProject *prj)
DebuggerBreakpointRemoveBreakpoint (const wxString &file, int line, bool deleteit=true)
DebuggerBreakpointRemoveBreakpoint (int idx, bool deleteit=true)
DebuggerBreakpointRemoveBreakpoint (DebuggerBreakpoint *bp, bool deleteit=true)
int RemoveBreakpointsRange (const wxString &file, int startline, int endline)
void ResetBreakpoint (DebuggerBreakpoint *bp)
void ResetBreakpoint (int idx)
void ShiftBreakpoints (const wxString &file, int startline, int nroflines)
bool StartDriver (ProjectBuildTarget *target)
void StopDriver ()

Protected Member Functions

wxString ConvertToValidFilename (const wxString &filename)
cbProjectFindProjectForFile (const wxString &file)
void SetupBreakpointIndices ()

Protected Attributes

size_t m_BpAutoIndex
BreakpointsList m_Breakpoints
WatchesArray m_Watches

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file debuggerstate.h.

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