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DebuggerDriver Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  QueuePriority { Low = 0, High }

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddBreakpoint (DebuggerBreakpoint *bp)=0
virtual void AddDirectory (const wxString &dir)
virtual void Backtrace ()=0
virtual void ClearDirectories ()
void ClearQueue ()
 clears the queue
virtual void Continue ()=0
virtual void CPURegisters ()=0
DebuggerCmdCurrentCommand ()
 returns the currently executing command
 DebuggerDriver (DebuggerGDB *plugin)
void DebugLog (const wxString &msg)
virtual void Detach ()=0
virtual void Disassemble ()=0
virtual void EvaluateSymbol (const wxString &symbol, const wxRect &tipRect)=0
virtual long GetChildPID () const
virtual wxString GetCommandLine (const wxString &debugger, const wxString &debuggee)=0
virtual wxString GetCommandLine (const wxString &debugger, int pid)=0
virtual const CursorGetCursor () const
virtual void InfoDLL ()=0
virtual void InfoFiles ()=0
virtual void InfoFPU ()=0
virtual void InfoFrame ()=0
virtual void InfoSignals ()=0
virtual bool IsStopped ()
void Log (const wxString &msg)
virtual void MemoryDump ()=0
virtual void ParseOutput (const wxString &output)=0
virtual void Prepare (ProjectBuildTarget *target, bool isConsole)=0
void QueueCommand (DebuggerCmd *dcmd, QueuePriority prio=Low)
 add a command in the queue. The DebuggerCmd will be deleted automatically when finished.
virtual void RemoveBreakpoint (DebuggerBreakpoint *bp)=0
void RemoveTopCommand (bool deleteIt=true)
 removes the top command (it has finished)
virtual void RunningThreads ()=0
void RunQueue ()
 runs the next command in the queue, if it is idle
virtual void SetArguments (const wxString &args)
virtual void SetChildPID (long pid)
virtual void SetDebugWindows (BacktraceDlg *b, DisassemblyDlg *d, CPURegistersDlg *r, ExamineMemoryDlg *m, ThreadsDlg *t)
virtual void SetVarValue (const wxString &var, const wxString &value)=0
virtual void SetWorkingDirectory (const wxString &dir)
void ShowFile (const wxString &file, int line)
virtual void Start (bool breakOnEntry)=0
virtual void Step ()=0
virtual void StepIn ()=0
virtual void StepInstruction ()=0
virtual void StepOut ()=0
virtual void Stop ()=0
virtual void SwitchThread (size_t threadIndex)=0
virtual void SwitchToFrame (size_t number)=0
virtual void UpdateWatches (bool doLocals, bool doArgs, DebuggerTree *tree)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void NotifyCursorChanged ()
virtual void ResetCursor ()

Protected Attributes

wxString m_Args
long m_ChildPID
Cursor m_Cursor
DebuggerCommands m_DCmds
wxArrayString m_Dirs
wxString m_LastCursorAddress
bool m_ProgramIsStopped
bool m_QueueBusy
wxString m_WorkingDir

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file debuggerdriver.h.

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