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DebuggerCmd Class Reference

#include <debugger_defs.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Action ()
 DebuggerCmd (DebuggerDriver *driver, const wxString &cmd=_T(""), bool logToNormalLog=false)
virtual void ParseOutput (const wxString &output)

Public Attributes

wxString m_Cmd
 the actual command

Protected Attributes

bool m_LogToNormalLog
 if true, log to normal log, else the debug log
 the driver

Detailed Description

Basic interface for debugger commands.

Each command sent to the debugger, is a DebuggerCmd. It encapsulates the call and parsing of return values. The most important function is ParseOutput() inside which it must parse the commands output. It is guaranteed that the output argument to ParseOutput() contains the full debugger response to the command given.

This is not an abstract interface, i.e. you can create instances of it. The default implementation just logs the command's output. This way you can debug new commands.

Definition at line 46 of file debugger_defs.h.

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