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CompilerGCC Class Reference

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struct  BuildJobTarget

Public Member Functions

virtual int Build (ProjectBuildTarget *target=0L)
 Build the project/target.
virtual int Build (const wxString &target)
virtual void BuildMenu (wxMenuBar *menuBar)
virtual void BuildModuleMenu (const ModuleType type, wxMenu *menu, const FileTreeData *data=0)
virtual bool BuildToolBar (wxToolBar *toolBar)
virtual int BuildWorkspace (const wxString &target=wxEmptyString)
 Build all open projects.
virtual bool CanDetach () const
virtual int Clean (const wxString &target)
virtual int Clean (ProjectBuildTarget *target=0L)
 Clean the project/target.
virtual int CleanWorkspace (const wxString &target=wxEmptyString)
 Clean all open projects.
virtual int CompileFile (const wxString &file)
 Compile a specific file.
virtual int Configure (cbProject *project, ProjectBuildTarget *target=0L)
 Display configuration dialog.
virtual int Configure ()
virtual int DistClean (ProjectBuildTarget *target=0L)
 DistClean the project/target.
virtual int DistClean (const wxString &target)
int GetConfigurationGroup () const
cbConfigurationPanelGetConfigurationPanel (wxWindow *parent)
int GetConfigurationPriority () const
const wxString & GetCurrentCompilerID ()
virtual int GetExitCode () const
 Get the exit code of the last build process.
virtual cbConfigurationPanelGetProjectConfigurationPanel (wxWindow *parent, cbProject *project)
virtual PluginType GetType () const
bool IsAttached () const
virtual bool IsRunning () const
 Is the plugin currently compiling?
virtual int KillProcess ()
 Abort the current build process.
virtual void OnAttach ()
void OnClean (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCleanAll (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnClearErrors (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCompile (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCompileAll (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCompileAndRun (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnCompileFile (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnConfig (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnExportMakefile (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnIdle (wxIdleEvent &event)
void OnKillProcess (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnNextError (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnPreviousError (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnProjectCompilerOptions (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnRebuild (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnRebuildAll (wxCommandEvent &event)
virtual void OnRelease (bool appShutDown)
void OnRun (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnSelectTarget (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnTargetCompilerOptions (wxCommandEvent &event)
void OnTimer (wxTimerEvent &event)
void OnUpdateUI (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
virtual int Rebuild (const wxString &target)
virtual int Rebuild (ProjectBuildTarget *target=0L)
 Rebuild the project/target.
virtual int RebuildWorkspace (const wxString &target=wxEmptyString)
 Rebuild all open projects.
virtual int Run (ProjectBuildTarget *target=0L)
 Run the project/target.
virtual int Run (const wxString &target)
virtual int RunSingleFile (const wxString &filename)
void SwitchCompiler (const wxString &id)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void NotImplemented (const wxString &log) const

Protected Attributes

bool m_IsAttached
PluginType m_Type

Private Types

typedef std::queue
< BuildJobTarget

Private Member Functions

void AddOutputLine (const wxString &output, bool forceErrorColour=false)
void AddToCommandQueue (const wxArrayString &commands)
void AllocProcesses ()
void AskForActiveProject ()
void BuildStateManagement ()
 This uses m_BuildJob.
void CalculateProjectDependencies (cbProject *prj, wxArrayInt &deps)
void CalculateWorkspaceDependencies (wxArrayInt &deps)
bool CheckProject ()
void ClearLog ()
bool CompilerValid (ProjectBuildTarget *target=0)
void Dispatcher (wxCommandEvent &event)
ProjectBuildTargetDoAskForTarget ()
int DoBuild (const wxString &target, bool clean, bool build, bool clearLog=true)
int DoBuild (bool clean, bool build)
void DoClean (const wxArrayString &commands)
bool DoCleanWithMake (const wxString &cmd, bool showOutput=false)
void DoClearErrors ()
void DoClearTargetMenu ()
bool DoCreateMakefile (bool temporary=true, const wxString &makefile=_T(""))
void DoDeleteTempMakefile ()
void DoGotoNextError ()
void DoGotoPreviousError ()
int DoGUIAskForTarget ()
void DoPrepareQueue (bool clearLog=true)
void DoRecreateTargetMenu ()
int DoRunQueue ()
FileTreeDataDoSwitchProjectTemporarily ()
void DoUpdateTargetMenu (int targetIndex)
int DoWorkspaceBuild (const wxString &target, bool clean, bool build, bool clearLog=true)
void ExpandTargets (cbProject *project, const wxString &targetName, wxArrayString &result)
void FreeProcesses ()
int GetActiveProcessCount () const
ProjectBuildTargetGetBuildTargetForFile (ProjectFile *pf)
ProjectBuildTargetGetBuildTargetForFile (const wxString &file)
wxString GetCurrentCompilerID (ProjectBuildTarget *target)
wxString GetDynamicLinkerPathForTarget (ProjectBuildTarget *target)
wxString GetMakeCommandFor (MakeCommand cmd, cbProject *project, ProjectBuildTarget *target)
int GetNextAvailableProcessIndex () const
BuildJobTarget GetNextJob ()
BuildState GetNextStateBasedOnJob ()
int GetTargetIndexFromName (cbProject *prj, const wxString &name)
wxString GetTargetString (int index=-1)
void InitBuildLog (bool workspaceBuild)
void InitBuildState (BuildJob job, const wxString &target)
bool IsProcessRunning (int idx=-1) const
void LoadOptions ()
void LogMessage (const wxString &message, CompilerLineType lt=cltNormal, LogTarget log=ltAll, bool forceErrorColour=false, bool isTitle=false, bool updateProgress=false)
void LogWarningOrError (CompilerLineType lt, cbProject *prj, const wxString &filename, const wxString &line, const wxString &msg)
void NotifyJobDone (bool showNothingToBeDone=false)
void OnGCCError (CodeBlocksEvent &event)
void OnGCCOutput (CodeBlocksEvent &event)
void OnGCCTerminated (CodeBlocksEvent &event)
void OnJobEnd (size_t procIndex, int exitCode)
void OnProjectActivated (CodeBlocksEvent &event)
void OnProjectLoaded (CodeBlocksEvent &event)
void OnProjectUnloaded (CodeBlocksEvent &event)
BuildJobTargetPeekNextJob ()
void PreprocessJob (cbProject *project, const wxString &targetName)
void PrintBanner (BuildAction action, cbProject *prj=0, ProjectBuildTarget *target=0)
wxString ProjectMakefile ()
bool ReAllocProcesses ()
void ResetBuildState ()
void SaveBuildLog ()
void SaveOptions ()
void SetEnvironmentForCompiler (const wxString &id, wxString &envPath)
void SetupEnvironment ()
bool StopRunningDebugger ()
void TextURL (wxTextUrlEvent &event)
void UpdateProjectTargets (cbProject *project)
bool UseMake (cbProject *project=0)

Private Attributes

bool m_Build
wxString m_BuildingTargetName
BuildJob m_BuildJob
BuildJobTargetsList m_BuildJobTargetsList
wxString m_BuildLogContents
wxString m_BuildLogFilename
wxString m_BuildLogTitle
wxDateTime m_BuildStartTime
BuildState m_BuildState
wxString m_CdRun
bool m_Clean
CompilerQueue m_CommandQueue
wxString m_CompilerId
size_t m_CurrentProgress
bool m_DeleteTempMakefile
wxString m_EnvironmentMsg
CompilerErrors m_Errors
wxMenu * m_ErrorsMenu
bool m_IsWorkspaceOperation
bool m_LastBuildStep
int m_LastExitCode
wxString m_LastTargetName
wxString m_LastTempMakefile
int m_ListPageIndex
bool m_LogBuildProgressPercentage
size_t m_MaxProgress
wxMenu * m_Menu
BuildState m_NextBuildState
bool m_NotifiedMaxErrors
wxString m_OriginalPath
int m_PageIndex
size_t m_ParallelProcessCount
long int * m_Pid
wxProcess ** m_Processes
wxString * m_ProcessOutputFiles
wxToolBar * m_pTbar
int m_RealTargetIndex
int m_RealTargetsStartIndex
bool m_RunAfterCompile
wxString m_RunCmd
bool m_RunProjectPostBuild
bool m_RunTargetPostBuild
wxLongLong m_StartTimer
int m_TargetIndex
wxMenu * m_TargetMenu
wxArrayString m_Targets
wxTimer m_timerIdleWakeUp
wxChoice * m_ToolTarget


class CompilerOptionsDlg

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