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#include <settings.h> // SDK
#include <cbplugin.h>
#include <cbproject.h>
#include <sdk_events.h>
#include <settings.h> // much of the SDK is here
#include <sdk_events.h>
#include <cbplugin.h> // the base class we're inheriting
#include <wx/dynarray.h>
#include "MANFrame.h"
#include "HelpConfigDialog.h"

00015 class HelpPlugin : public cbPlugin
    virtual cbConfigurationPanel* GetConfigurationPanel(wxWindow* parent);
    void BuildMenu(wxMenuBar *menuBar);
    void BuildHelpMenu();
    void BuildModuleMenu(const ModuleType type, wxMenu *menu, const FileTreeData* data = 0);
    bool BuildToolBar(wxToolBar *toolBar);
    void OnAttach(); // fires when the plugin is attached to the application
    void OnRelease(bool appShutDown); // fires when the plugin is released from the application
    void Reload(); // called after the settings have been applied
    void OnUpdateUI(wxUpdateUIEvent& event); // called when showing View menu

    void OnViewMANViewer(wxCommandEvent &event);
    void ShowMANViewer(bool show = true);
    void OnFindItem(wxCommandEvent &event);
    void AddToPopupMenu(wxMenu *menu, int id, const wxString &help, bool fromIni = false);
    void AddToHelpMenu(int id, const wxString &help, bool fromIni = false);
    void RemoveFromHelpMenu(int id, const wxString &help);
    void AddFile();
    HelpCommon::HelpFileAttrib HelpFileFromId(int id);
    // Patch from Yorgos Pagles: Take into consideration the new attributes when launching a help file
    void LaunchHelp(const wxString &helpfile, bool isExecutable, bool openEmbeddedViewer, HelpCommon::StringCase keyCase = HelpCommon::Preserve, const wxString &defkeyword = wxEmptyString, const wxString &keyword = wxEmptyString);

    wxMenuBar *m_pMenuBar;
    HelpCommon::HelpFilesVector m_Vector;
    int m_LastId;
    MANFrame *m_manFrame;


#endif // HELP_PLUGIN_H

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