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ConfigManager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
void Delete ()
void DeleteAll ()
void DeleteSubPath (const wxString &strPath)
wxArrayString EnumerateKeys (const wxString &path)
wxArrayString EnumerateSubPaths (const wxString &path)
bool Exists (const wxString &name)
wxString GetPath () const
bool Read (const wxString &name, bool *value)
bool Read (const wxString &name, wxColour *value)
bool Read (const wxString &name, ISerializable *object)
void Read (const wxString &name, ConfigManagerContainer::StringToStringMap *map)
wxString Read (const wxString &key, const wxString &defaultVal=wxEmptyString)
bool Read (const wxString &name, double *value)
void Read (const wxString &name, ConfigManagerContainer::IntToStringMap *map)
void Read (const wxString &name, ConfigManagerContainer::StringSet *map)
bool Read (const wxString &key, wxString *str)
template<typename T >
void Read (const wxString &name, std::map< wxString, T * > *map)
void Read (const wxString &name, wxArrayString *as)
bool Read (const wxString &name, int *value)
wxArrayString ReadArrayString (const wxString &name)
wxString ReadBinary (const wxString &name)
bool ReadBool (const wxString &name, bool defaultVal=false)
wxColour ReadColour (const wxString &name, const wxColour &defaultVal=*wxBLACK)
double ReadDouble (const wxString &name, double defaultVal=0.0f)
int ReadInt (const wxString &name, int defaultVal=0)
ConfigManagerContainer::IntToStringMap ReadISMap (const wxString &name)
ConfigManagerContainer::StringSet ReadSSet (const wxString &name)
ConfigManagerContainer::StringToStringMap ReadSSMap (const wxString &name)
void Set (const wxString &name)
void SetPath (const wxString &strPath)
void UnSet (const wxString &name)
void Write (const wxString &name, const wxArrayString &as)
void Write (const wxString &name, const ISerializable &object)
void Write (const wxString &name, int value)
void Write (const wxString &key, const char *str)
void Write (const wxString &name, const wxColour &c)
void Write (const wxString &name, const ConfigManagerContainer::StringToStringMap &map)
void Write (const wxString &name, const ConfigManagerContainer::SerializableObjectMap *map)
void Write (const wxString &name, bool value)
void Write (const wxString &name, const ConfigManagerContainer::StringSet &set)
void Write (const wxString &name, double value)
void Write (const wxString &name, const wxString &value, bool ignoreEmpty=false)
void Write (const wxString &name, const ConfigManagerContainer::IntToStringMap &map)
void WriteBinary (const wxString &name, const wxString &source)
void WriteBinary (const wxString &name, void *ptr, size_t len)

Static Public Member Functions

static wxString GetConfigFolder ()
static wxString GetDataFolder (bool global=true)
static wxString GetExecutableFolder ()
static wxString GetFolder (SearchDirs dir)
 Access one of Code::Blocks' folders.
static wxString GetHomeFolder ()
static wxString GetPluginsFolder (bool global=true)
static wxString GetProxy ()
static unsigned int GetRevisionNumber ()
static wxString GetRevisionString ()
static wxString GetScriptsFolder (bool global=true)
static wxString GetSvnDate ()
static wxString GetTempFolder ()
static wxString LocateDataFile (const wxString &filename, int search_dirs=sdAllKnown)
 Locate a file in an installation- and platform-independent way.
static wxString ReadAppPath ()
static wxString ReadDataPath ()

Private Member Functions

TiXmlElementAssertPath (wxString &path)
void Collapse (wxString &str) const
 ConfigManager (TiXmlElement *r)
TiXmlElementGetUniqElement (TiXmlElement *p, const wxString &q)
wxString InvalidNameMessage (const wxString &what, const wxString &sub, TiXmlElement *localPath) const
void SetNodeText (TiXmlElement *n, const TiXmlText &t)

Static Private Member Functions

static void InitPaths ()

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static wxString app_path
static wxString config_folder
static wxString data_path_global
static wxString data_path_user
static wxString home_folder
static bool relo = 0
static wxString temp_folder


class CfgMgrBldr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 94 of file configmanager.h.

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