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 * This file is part of the Code::Blocks IDE and licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

#ifndef TOKEN_H
#define TOKEN_H

#include <wx/string.h>
#include <wx/dynarray.h>
#include <wx/file.h>
#include <wx/thread.h>
#include <wx/stream.h>
#include <settings.h>

#include "blockallocated.h"
#include <globals.h>
#include "searchtree.h"
#include <deque>
using namespace std;

class Token;
class TokensTree;

static wxCriticalSection s_MutexProtection;
enum FileParsingStatus
    fpsNotParsed = 0,

WX_DEFINE_ARRAY(Token*, TokensArray);

typedef vector<Token*> TokenList;

typedef deque<int>                                     TokenIdxList;
typedef set< int, less<int> >                          TokenIdxSet;
typedef SearchTree<TokenIdxSet>                        TokenSearchTree;
typedef BasicSearchTree                                TokenFilenamesMap;
typedef map< size_t, TokenIdxSet,       less<size_t> > TokenFilesMap;
typedef map< size_t, FileParsingStatus, less<size_t> > TokenFilesStatus;
typedef set< size_t, less<size_t> >                    TokenFilesSet;

enum TokenScope
    tsUndefined = 0,

enum TokenKind
    // changed in order to reflect the priority
    tkNamespace     = 0x0001,
    tkClass         = 0x0002,
    tkEnum          = 0x0004,
    tkTypedef       = 0x0008, // typedefs are stored as classes inheriting from the typedef'd type (taking advantage of existing inheritance code)
    tkConstructor   = 0x0010,
    tkDestructor    = 0x0020,
    tkFunction      = 0x0040,
    tkVariable      = 0x0080,
    tkEnumerator    = 0x0100,
    tkPreprocessor  = 0x0200,
    tkMacro         = 0x0400,

    // convenient masks
    tkAnyContainer  = tkClass    | tkNamespace   | tkTypedef,
    tkAnyFunction   = tkFunction | tkConstructor | tkDestructor,

    // undefined or just "all"
    tkUndefined     = 0xFFFF

00078 class Token : public BlockAllocated<Token, 10000>
    friend class TokensTree;
        Token(const wxString& name, unsigned int file, unsigned int line);

        void AddChild(int child);
        void RemoveChild(int child);
        wxString GetNamespace() const;
        bool InheritsFrom(int idx) const;
        wxString DisplayName() const;
        wxString GetTokenKindString() const;
        wxString GetTokenScopeString() const;
        wxString GetFilename() const;
        wxString GetImplFilename() const;
        inline unsigned long GetTicket() const { return m_Ticket; }
        bool MatchesFiles(const TokenFilesSet& files);

        bool SerializeIn(wxInputStream* f);
        bool SerializeOut(wxOutputStream* f);
        int GetSelf()         { return m_Self; } // current index in the tree
        wxString GetParentName();
        Token* GetParentToken();
        TokensTree* GetTree() { return m_pTree; }

        wxString      m_Type;       // this is the return value (if any): e.g. const wxString&
        wxString      m_ActualType; // this is what the parser believes is the actual return value: e.g. wxString
        wxString      m_Name;
        wxString      m_Args;
        wxString      m_StrippedArgs;
        wxString      m_AncestorsString; // all ancestors comma-separated list
        wxString      m_TemplateArgument;
        unsigned int  m_FileIdx;
        unsigned int  m_Line;
        unsigned int  m_ImplFileIdx;
        unsigned int  m_ImplLine;      // where the token was met
        unsigned int  m_ImplLineStart; // if token is impl, opening brace line
        unsigned int  m_ImplLineEnd;   // if token is impl, closing brace line
        TokenScope    m_Scope;
        TokenKind     m_TokenKind;
        bool          m_IsOperator;
        bool          m_IsLocal;       // found in a local file?
        bool          m_IsTemp;        // if true, the tree deletes it in FreeTemporaries()
        bool          m_IsConst;       // the member method is const (yes/no)

        int           m_ParentIndex;
        TokenIdxSet   m_Children;
        TokenIdxSet   m_Ancestors;
        TokenIdxSet   m_DirectAncestors;
        TokenIdxSet   m_Descendants;

        wxArrayString m_Aliases; // used for namespace aliases

        void*         m_pUserData; // custom user-data (the classbrowser expects it to be a pointer to a cbProject)

        TokensTree*   m_pTree;
        int           m_Self; // current index in the tree
        unsigned long m_Ticket;

        static unsigned long GetTokenTicket();

00143 class TokensTree
        static const wxString s_version;

        virtual ~TokensTree();

        inline void Clear()               { clear(); }

        // STL compatibility functions
        void          clear();
        inline Token* operator[](int idx) { return GetTokenAt(idx); }
        inline Token* at(int idx)         { return GetTokenAt(idx); }
        size_t        size();
        size_t        realsize();
        inline bool   empty()             { return size()==0; }
        int           insert(Token* newToken);
        int           insert(int loc, Token* newToken);
        int           erase(int loc);
        void          erase(Token* oldToken);

        // Token specific functions
        void   RecalcFreeList();
        void   RecalcData();
        int    TokenExists(const wxString& name, int parent, short int kindMask);
        size_t FindMatches(const wxString& s, TokenIdxSet& result, bool caseSensitive, bool is_prefix, short int kindMask = tkUndefined);
        size_t FindTokensInFile(const wxString& file, TokenIdxSet& result, short int kindMask);
        void   RemoveFile(const wxString& filename);
        void   RemoveFile(int fileIndex);
        void   FreeTemporaries();

        // Parsing related functions
        size_t         GetFileIndex(const wxString& filename);
        const wxString GetFilename(size_t idx) const;
        size_t         ReserveFileForParsing(const wxString& filename, bool preliminary = false);
        void           FlagFileForReparsing(const wxString& filename);
        void           FlagFileAsParsed(const wxString& filename);
        bool           IsFileParsed(const wxString& filename);

        void MarkFileTokensAsLocal(const wxString& filename, bool local = true, void* userData = 0);
        void MarkFileTokensAsLocal(size_t file, bool local = true, void* userData = 0);

        TokenList         m_Tokens;            /** Contains the pointers to all the tokens */
00187         TokenSearchTree   m_Tree;              /** Tree containing the indexes to the tokens (the indexes will be used on m_Tokens) */

00189         TokenFilenamesMap m_FilenamesMap;      /** Map: filenames    -> file indexes */
00190         TokenFilesMap     m_FilesMap;          /** Map: file indexes -> sets of TokenIndexes */
00191         TokenFilesSet     m_FilesToBeReparsed; /** Set: file indexes */
00192         TokenIdxList      m_FreeTokens;        /** List of all the deleted (and available) tokens */

        /** List of tokens belonging to the global namespace */
00195         TokenIdxSet       m_TopNameSpaces;
        TokenIdxSet       m_GlobalNameSpace;

        TokenFilesStatus  m_FilesStatus;       /** Parse status for each file */
00199         bool              m_Modified;

        Token* GetTokenAt(int idx);
        int AddToken(Token* newToken, int fileIndex);

        void RemoveToken(int idx);
        void RemoveToken(Token* oldToken);

        int  AddTokenToList(Token* newToken, int forceidx);
        void RemoveTokenFromList(int idx);

        void RecalcFullInheritance(int parentIdx, TokenIdxSet& result); // called by RecalcData

inline void SaveIntToFile(wxOutputStream* f, int i)
    /* This used to be done as
        f->Write(&i, sizeof(int));
    which is incorrect because it assumes a consistant byte order
    and a constant int size */

    unsigned int const j = i; // rshifts aren't well-defined for negatives
    wxChar c[4] = { (wxChar) (j>> 0&0xFF),
                    (wxChar) (j>> 8&0xFF),
                    (wxChar) (j>>16&0xFF),
                    (wxChar) (j>>24&0xFF) };
    f->Write( c, 4 );

inline bool LoadIntFromFile(wxInputStream* f, int* i)
//    See SaveIntToFile
//    return f->Read(i, sizeof(int)) == sizeof(int);

    wxChar c[4];
    if ( f->Read( c, 4 ).LastRead() != 4 ) return false;
    *i = ( c[0]<<0 | c[1]<<8 | c[2]<<16 | c[3]<<24 );
    return true;

inline void SaveStringToFile(wxOutputStream* f, const wxString& str)
    const wxWX2MBbuf psz = str.mb_str(wxConvUTF8);
    // TODO (MortenMacFly#5#): Can we safely use strlen here?
    int size = psz ? strlen(psz) : 0;
    if (size >= 32767)
        size = 32767;
    SaveIntToFile(f, size);
        f->Write(psz, size);

inline bool LoadStringFromFile(wxInputStream* f, wxString& str)
    int size;
    if (!LoadIntFromFile(f, &size))
        return false;
    bool ok = true;
    if (size > 0 && size <= 32767)
        wxChar buf[32768];
        ok = f->Read(buf, size).LastRead() == (size_t)size;
        buf[size] = '\0';
        str = wxString(buf, wxConvUTF8);
    else // doesn't fit in our buffer, but still we have to skip it
        size = size & 0xFFFFFF; // Can't get any longer than that
        f->SeekI(size, wxFromCurrent);
    return ok;

#endif // TOKEN_H

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