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 * This file is part of the Code::Blocks IDE and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html


#include <wx/string.h>
#include <wx/arrstr.h>

class cbEditor;

00014 class FileAnalysis
           /// Default constructor (no initialisation -> call ReInit after this)
           /// Initialiasing constructor (calls ReInit)
           FileAnalysis(const wxString& FileName);
  virtual ~FileAnalysis();

  /// Has usually to be called first -> initialises the class and reads the file
  void ReInit(const wxString& FileName, bool verbose = false);

  /// Returns whether the file is a header file (upon file extension)
00027   bool IsHeaderFile()
  { return m_IsHeaderFile; }

  /// Load the file from cbEditor or disk and splits it up into lines
  void LoadFile();

  /// Saves the file to cbEditor or disk and prepends a string (the includes)
  void SaveFile(const wxString& Prepend);

  /// Returns whether there is another line to parse for iterators
00037   bool HasMoreLines()
  { return (m_CurrentLine<m_LinesOfFile.GetCount()); }

  /// "Rewinds" the file and re-starts from the first line for iterators
00041   void Rewind()
  { m_CurrentLine = 0; }

  /// Returns the nest line in a file for iterators
  wxString GetNextLine();

  /// Detects and returns the end-of-line type of the file
  wxString GetEOL();

  /// Parses the file for includes and takes included header file into account
  wxArrayString ParseForIncludes();

  /// Returns the include files (parsed using ParseForIncludes before)
00054   wxArrayString GetIncludes()
  { return m_IncludedHeaders; }

  /// Parses the file for forward declarations (only if it's a header file)
  wxArrayString ParseForFwdDecls();

  /// Returns the forward declararions (parsed using ParseForForwardDecls before)
00061   wxArrayString GetFwdDecls()
  { return m_ForwardDecls; }

  /// Returns the protocol (log) of the last operation
00065   wxString GetLog()
  { return m_Log; }

  /// Internal function to reset all states (for re-initialisation).
  void          Reset();

00073   cbEditor*     m_Editor;          //!< The editor that is being use to parse for contents
00074   wxString      m_Log;             //!< The protocol (log) of the current file analysis
00075   wxString      m_FileName;        //!< The filename of the currently operated file
00076   wxString      m_FileContent;     //!< The content of the currently operated file
00077   wxArrayString m_LinesOfFile;     //!< The content (line-by-line) of the currently operated file
00078   wxArrayString m_IncludedHeaders; //!< A list of included header files of the currently operated file
00079   wxArrayString m_ForwardDecls;    //!< A list of forward declarations of the currently operated file
00080   size_t        m_CurrentLine;     //!< Current line in the file (used for iterators)
00081   bool          m_Verbose;         //!< Be verbose in debug messages (be silent otherwise)
00082   bool          m_IsHeaderFile;    //!< Flag whether the currently operated file is a header file (upon file extension)
00083   bool          m_HasHeaderFile;   //!< Flag whether the currently operated has a header file


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