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 * Name:      ThreadSearchView
 * Purpose:   This class implements the panel that is added to
 *            Code::Blocks Message notebook or layout.
 *            It runs the search worker thread and receives
 *            ThreadSearchEvent from it to update the list log.
 * Author:    Jerome ANTOINE
 * Created:   2007-10-08
 * Copyright: Jerome ANTOINE
 * License:   GPL


#include <wx/string.h>
#include <wx/thread.h>
#include <wx/timer.h>
#include <wx/dynarray.h>
#include <wx/datetime.h>
#include <wx/panel.h>
#include <wx/arrstr.h>

#include "editormanager.h"
#include "cbproject.h"
#include "projectmanager.h"

#include "ThreadSearchLoggerBase.h"

class wxToolBar;
class wxStaticBox;
class wxComboBox;
class wxButton;
class wxStaticText;
class cbStyledTextCtrl;
class wxPanel;
class wxMouseEvent;
class wxCommandEvent;
class wxSplitterEvent;
class wxScintillaEvent;
class wxContextMenuEvent;
class wxSplitterWindow;
class wxStaticBoxSizer;
class wxBoxSizer;

class ThreadSearch;
class ThreadSearchEvent;
class ThreadSearchThread;
class ThreadSearchFindData;
class SearchInPanel;
class DirectoryParamsPanel;

00054 class ThreadSearchView: public wxPanel {

    friend class ThreadSearch;
    // begin wxGlade: ThreadSearchView::ids
    // end wxGlade

      /** Constructor. */
    ThreadSearchView( ThreadSearch& threadSearchPlugin);

    /** Destructor. */

      virtual void Clear();

      /** Runs the worker thread search.
        * @param aFindData : structure containing all search parameters :
        *                    text, whole word, case, directory...
      void ThreadedSearch(const ThreadSearchFindData& aFindData);

      /** No comment
        * @return true if a search is running, false otherwise
      bool IsSearchRunning();

      /** This function is called from ThreadSearchThread::OnExit.
        * This must not be called directly.
      void OnThreadExit();

      /** Makes instance update its graphical widgets.
        * Should be called by ThreadSearch instance after m_ThreadSearchPlugin modification
      void Update();

      /** Loads file in code preview and makes line visible.
        * @param file : file path
        * @param line : line to display in the preview editor
        * @return true if success
      bool UpdatePreview(const wxString& file, long line);

      /** Sets/gets the splitter window sash position. */
      void SetSashPosition(int position, const bool redraw = true);
      int  GetSashPosition() const;

      /** Sets/gets the search history */
      void          SetSearchHistory(const wxArrayString& searchPatterns);
      wxArrayString GetSearchHistory() const;

      /** SetLoggerType
        * Sets the logger type. If value is different from current one,
        * m_pLogger is destroyed and rebuilt on the fly.
        * @param lgrType : type of logger, can be a wxListCtrl or a wxTreeCtrl
      void SetLoggerType(ThreadSearchLoggerBase::eLoggerTypes lgrType);

      /** PostThreadSearchEvent
        * @param event : event sent by the worker thread (ThreadSearchThread)
        * Thread safe mechanism. Clone the worker thread event to the mutex protected events array.
      void PostThreadSearchEvent(const ThreadSearchEvent& event);

      /** SetToolBar
        * C::B plugins manager provides a toolbar instance to ThreadSearch instance
        * during init. This instance is referenced in ThreadSearchView by m_pToolBar.
00122       void SetToolBar(wxToolBar* pToolBar) {m_pToolBar = pToolBar;}

      /** This method shows/hide the search graphical controls.
        * @param show : show = true/hide = false toolbar
      void ShowSearchControls(bool show);

      /** This method applies splitter settings
        * @param showCodePreview : show = true/hide = false preview editor (=~ splitted or not)
        * @param splitterMode : wxSPLIT_HORIZONTAL or wxSPLIT_VERTICAL
      void ApplySplitterSettings(bool showCodePreview, long splitterMode);
    ThreadSearch* GetThreadSearchPlugin(){return &m_ThreadSearchPlugin;}   //(pecan 2008/4/11)

    // begin wxGlade: ThreadSearchView::methods
    void set_properties();
    void do_layout();
    // end wxGlade

      /** ClearThreadSearchEventsArray
        * Removes all events sent by the worker thread and stored in the array.
        * Thread safe method.
        @return true if clear successful. Not successful if Mutex is not caught.
    bool ClearThreadSearchEventsArray();

    /** StopThread
      * Called to stop the thread and manage all required operations.
      * @return true if successful.
    bool StopThread();

    // BEGIN Duplicated from cbeditor.cpp to apply folding options
      void SetMarkerStyle(int marker, int markerType, wxColor fore, wxColor back);
      void UnderlineFoldedLines(bool underline);
      void SetFoldingIndicator(int id);
      // END Duplicated from cbeditor.cpp to apply folding options

      ThreadSearchThread* m_pFindThread;             // Worker thread pointer. Must be allocated on the heap.
      ThreadSearch&       m_ThreadSearchPlugin;      // Thread search plugin reference. 'Subject' in the observer pattern.
      wxString            m_PreviewFilePath;         // File currently previewed path. Used to avoid reloading files.
      wxDateTime          m_PreviewFileDate;         // File currently previewed modification time. Used to avoid reloading files.

      wxMutex             m_MutexSearchEventsArray;  // Mutex used for multi thread access to m_ThreadSearchEventsArray
      wxArrayPtrVoid      m_ThreadSearchEventsArray; // Used to store events sent by the worker thread.
      wxTimer             m_Timer;                   // Used for events update
      long                m_StoppingThread;          // Used not to do more than one thread termination.

      bool                m_bNotebookSizerSet;       // sizer added for wxAuiNotebook
      wxWindow*           m_pParent;                 // parent window/frame //(pecan 2008/4/03)
      wxFrame*            m_pTSFrame;                // ThreadSearchFrame pointer

      // Graphical widgets managed by wxGlade
    // begin wxGlade: ThreadSearchView::attributes
    wxStaticBox* m_pSizerSearchDirItems_staticbox;
    wxComboBox* m_pCboSearchExpr;
    wxButton* m_pBtnSearch;
    wxButton* m_pBtnOptions;
    //?wxStaticText* m_pStaTxtSearchIn;
    //?SearchInPanel* m_pPnlSearchIn;
    wxButton* m_pBtnShowDirItems;
    DirectoryParamsPanel* m_pPnlDirParams;
    cbStyledTextCtrl* m_pSearchPreview;
    wxPanel* m_pPnlPreview;
    ThreadSearchLoggerBase* m_pLogger;
    wxPanel* m_pPnlListLog;
    wxSplitterWindow* m_pSplitter;
    // end wxGlade
    wxStaticBoxSizer* m_pSizerSearchDirItems;
    wxBoxSizer*       m_pSizerSearchItems;
    wxToolBar*        m_pToolBar;


      /** AddExpressionToSearchCombos
        * Inserts expression to search combo in first position.
        * If expression is already listed, it is removed before insertion.
        * Used to keep the search history in the combo box.
        * @param expression : searched text.
      void AddExpressionToSearchCombos(const wxString& expression);

      /// enum defining the possible labels to update Search buttons (view and toolbars)
      /// Undefined can be used to skip label update
00208       enum eSearchButtonLabel {

      /** UpdateSearchButtons
        * Updates wxButtons and wxBitmap buttons according to new label.
        * @param enable : true : enable; false : disable
        * @param label  : see eSearchButtonLabel declaration
      void UpdateSearchButtons(bool enable, eSearchButtonLabel label = skip);

      /** Method used to enable/disable the graphical widgets related
        * to search parameters. Disabled when thread is running.
        * @param enable : true : enable; false : disable
      void EnableControls(bool enable);

    void OnThreadSearchErrorEvent(const ThreadSearchEvent& event);
    void OnCboSearchExprEnter(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
    void OnBtnSearchClick(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
    void OnBtnOptionsClick(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
    void OnBtnShowDirItemsClick(wxCommandEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>
    void OnSplitterDoubleClick(wxSplitterEvent &event); // wxGlade: <event_handler>

      void OnMarginClick(wxScintillaEvent& event);
      void OnContextMenu(wxContextMenuEvent& event);
    void OnLoggerClick      (const wxString& file, long line);  // Called by ThreadSearchLoggerBase derived instance
                                                                                                // when user clicks on a search result
    void OnLoggerDoubleClick(const wxString& file, long line);  // Called by ThreadSearchLoggerBase derived instance
                                                                                                // when user double clicks on a search result

      void OnChkSearchOpenFiles(wxCommandEvent &event);
      void OnChkSearchSnippetFiles(wxCommandEvent &event);
      void OnChkSearchWorkspaceFiles(wxCommandEvent &event);
      void OnChkSearchDirectoryFiles(wxCommandEvent &event);
      void OnChkSearchDirRecurse(wxCommandEvent &event);
      void OnChkSearchDirHidden(wxCommandEvent &event);

      void OnTxtSearchMaskTextEvent(wxCommandEvent &event);
      void OnTxtSearchDirPathTextEvent(wxCommandEvent &event);

      void OnTmrListCtrlUpdate(wxTimerEvent& event);

}; // wxGlade: end class


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