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wxPdfBarCodeCreator Class Reference

Class representing barcode objects. More...

#include <pdfbarcode.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool Code39 (double x, double y, const wxString &code, bool ext=true, bool cks=false, double w=0.4, double h=20, bool wide=true)
 Draw standard or extended Code39 barcode.
bool EAN13 (double x, double y, const wxString &barcode, double h=16, double w=.35)
 Draw a EAN13 barcode.
bool I25 (double xpos, double ypos, const wxString &code, double basewidth=1, double height=10)
 Draw an Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode.
bool PostNet (double x, double y, const wxString &zipcode)
 Draw U.S. Postal Service POSTNET barcodes.
bool UPC_A (double x, double y, const wxString &barcode, double h=16, double w=.35)
 Draw a UPC-A barcode.
 wxPdfBarCodeCreator (wxPdfDocument &document)
virtual ~wxPdfBarCodeCreator ()

Protected Member Functions

bool Barcode (double x, double y, const wxString &barcode, double h, double w, int len)
 Draw a barcode.
wxChar ChecksumCode39 (const wxString &code)
 Calculate Code39 check sum.
void DrawCode39 (const wxString &code, double x, double y, double w, double h)
 Draw Code39 barcode.
wxString EncodeCode39Ext (const wxString &code)
 Encode extended Code39 barcode.
wxChar GetCheckDigit (const wxString &barcode)
 Calculate check digit.
bool TestCheckDigit (const wxString &barcode)
 Validate check digit.
int ZipCodeCheckSumDigit (const wxString &zipcode)
 Calculate ZIP code check sum digit.
void ZipCodeDrawDigitBars (double x, double y, double barSpacing, double halfBarHeight, double fullBarHeight, int digit)
 Draw ZIP code barcode.
bool ZipCodeValidate (const wxString &zipcode)
 Validate ZIP code.

Private Attributes

 Document this barcode creator belongs to.

Detailed Description

Class representing barcode objects.

All supported barcodes are drawn directly in PDF without using an image or special font.

Definition at line 26 of file pdfbarcode.h.

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