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void TiXmlElement::SetAttribute ( const char *  name,
const char *  _value 

Sets an attribute of name to a given value. The attribute will be created if it does not exist, or changed if it does.

Definition at line 717 of file tinyxml.cpp.

References TiXmlNode::GetDocument(), and TiXmlAttribute::SetValue().

Referenced by cbProject::AddToExtensions(), wxsVersionConverter::ConvertFromOldConfig(), ProjectLoader::ExportTargetAsProject(), EnvVars::OnProjectLoadingHook(), AutoVersioning::OnProjectLoadingHook(), wxWidgetsGUI::OnWriteConfig(), wxsItemRes::OnWriteConfig(), wxsChart::OnXmlWrite(), wxsItem::OnXmlWrite(), wxsToolBarItem::OnXmlWrite(), wxsStdDialogButtonSizer::OnXmlWrite(), wxsMenuItem::OnXmlWrite(), wxsCustomWidget::OnXmlWrite(), wxsSizer::OnXmlWriteChild(), wxsParent::OnXmlWriteChild(), wxsItemResData::RebuildXrcFile(), SetAttribute(), SetDoubleAttribute(), wxsBaseProperties::SpecialXmlWrite(), wxsResource::WriteConfig(), wxsProject::WriteConfiguration(), wxsEvents::XmlSaveFunctions(), wxsBitmapIconProperty::XmlWrite(), wxsArrayStringCheckProperty::XmlWrite(), and ProjectConfiguration::XmlWrite().

    #ifdef TIXML_USE_STL
      TIXML_STRING _name( cname );
      TIXML_STRING _value( cvalue );
      const char* _name = cname;
      const char* _value = cvalue;

      TiXmlAttribute* node = attributeSet.Find( _name );
      if ( node )
            node->SetValue( _value );

      TiXmlAttribute* attrib = new TiXmlAttribute( cname, cvalue );
      if ( attrib )
            attributeSet.Add( attrib );
            TiXmlDocument* document = GetDocument();
            if ( document ) document->SetError( TIXML_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY, 0, 0, TIXML_ENCODING_UNKNOWN );

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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