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EnvVarsConfigDlg Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 EnvVarsConfigDlg (wxWindow *parent, EnvVars *plugin)
virtual wxString GetBitmapBaseName () const
 returns the title of the plugin's bitmap to use for configuration dialog
virtual wxString GetTitle () const
 returns the title of the plugin configuration panel
virtual ~EnvVarsConfigDlg ()

Protected Member Functions

void OnUpdateUI (wxUpdateUIEvent &event)
 Fires if the UI is being updated (wx event)

Private Member Functions

void LoadSettings ()
 Load all settings (envvar sets) from global C::B config.
void OnAddEnvVarClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the button to add an envvar is pressed.
virtual void OnApply ()
 Fires if the "apply" button is pressed inside C::B settings.
virtual void OnCancel ()
 Fires if the "cancel" button is pressed inside C::B settings.
void OnClearEnvVarsClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the button to clear all envvars is pressed.
void OnCloneSetClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the button to clone an envvar set is pressed.
void OnCreateSetClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the button to create an envvar set is pressed.
void OnDeleteEnvVarClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the button to delete an envvar is pressed.
void OnEditEnvVarClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the button to edit an envvar is pressed.
void OnRemoveSetClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the button to remove an envvar set is pressed.
void OnSetClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when a (new) envvar set is selected.
void OnSetEnvVarsClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the button to set all envvars is pressed.
void OnToggleEnvVarClick (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Fires when the checkbox to toggle an envvar is changed.
void SaveSettings ()
 Save all settings (envvar sets) to global C::B config.
void SaveSettingsActiveSet (wxString active_set)
 Save settings (of specific active envvar set) to global C::B config.
bool VerifySetUnique (const wxChoice *choSet, wxString set)
 Verifies that an envvar set is unique.

Private Attributes

 pointer to the EnvVars plugin (the parent)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file envvars_cfgdlg.h.

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