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      This file is part of Browse Tracker, a plugin for Code::Blocks
      Copyright (C) 2007 Pecan Heber

      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
      modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
      as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
      of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

      This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
      but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
      GNU General Public License for more details.

      You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
      along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
      Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
// RCS-ID: $Id: BrowseTracker.h 47 2008-01-12 20:18:59Z Pecan $


#include "cbplugin.h" // for "class cbPlugin"
#include "BrowseTrackerDefs.h"

class wxFileConfig;

class TiXmlElement;
class BrowseSelector;
class BrowseMarks;
class ProjectData;
class BrowseMarks;
class cbStyledTextCtrl;
class wxAuiNotebookEvent;
class JumpTracker;

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// The following have been moved to BrowseTrackerDefs.h
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// a hash containing pointers to  cursor positions indexed by active editor pointers.
//WX_DECLARE_HASH_MAP(EditorBase*, BrowseMarks*, wxPointerHash, wxPointerEqual, EbBrowse_MarksHash);
// active editors
//WX_DEFINE_ARRAY_PTR(EditorBase*, ArrayOfEditorBasePtrs);
// ProjectData class pointers associating files to a loaded project
//WX_DECLARE_HASH_MAP(cbProject*, ProjectData*, wxPointerHash, wxPointerEqual, ProjectDataHash);
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
extern int gBrowse_MarkerId;
extern int gBrowse_MarkerStyle;
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
00052 class BrowseTracker : public cbPlugin
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    friend class BrowseTrackerConfPanel;

            /** Constructor. */
            /** Destructor. */

            /** Invoke configuration dialog. */
            virtual int Configure() ;

            /** Return the plugin's configuration priority.
             * This is a number (default is 50) that is used to sort plugins
             * in configuration dialogs. Lower numbers mean the plugin's
             * configuration is put higher in the list.
00071             int GetConfigurationPriority() const { return 50; }

            /** Return the configuration group for this plugin. Default is cgUnknown.
             * Notice that you can logically AND more than one configuration groups,
             * so you could set it, for example, as "cgCompiler | cgContribPlugin".
00077             int GetConfigurationGroup() const { return cgEditor; }

            /** Return plugin's configuration panel.
              * @param parent The parent window.
              * @return A pointer to the plugin's cbConfigurationPanel. It is deleted by the caller.
            cbConfigurationPanel* GetConfigurationPanel(wxWindow* parent) ;

            /** Return plugin's configuration panel for projects.
             * The panel returned from this function will be added in the project's
             * configuration dialog.
             * @param parent The parent window.
             * @param project The project that is being edited.
             * @return A pointer to the plugin's cbConfigurationPanel. It is deleted by the caller.
00092             cbConfigurationPanel* GetProjectConfigurationPanel(wxWindow* parent, cbProject* project){ return 0; }

            /** This method is called by Code::Blocks and is used by the plugin
             * to add any menu items it needs on Code::Blocks's menu bar.\n
             * It is a pure virtual method that needs to be implemented by all
             * plugins. If the plugin does not need to add items on the menu,
             * just do nothing ;)
             * @param menuBar the wxMenuBar to create items in
            void BuildMenu(wxMenuBar* menuBar);

            /** This method is called by Code::Blocks core modules (EditorManager,
             * ProjectManager etc) and is used by the plugin to add any menu
             * items it needs in the module's popup menu. For example, when
             * the user right-clicks on a project file in the project tree,
             * ProjectManager prepares a popup menu to display with context
             * sensitive options for that file. Before it displays this popup
             * menu, it asks all attached plugins (by asking PluginManager to call
             * this method), if they need to add any entries
             * in that menu. This method is called.\n
             * If the plugin does not need to add items in the menu,
             * just do nothing ;)
             * @param type the module that's preparing a popup menu
             * @param menu pointer to the popup menu
             * @param data pointer to FileTreeData object (to access/modify the file tree)
            void BuildModuleMenu(const ModuleType type, wxMenu* menu, const FileTreeData* data = 0);

            /** This method is called by Code::Blocks and is used by the plugin
             * to add any toolbar items it needs on Code::Blocks's toolbar.\n
             * It is a pure virtual method that needs to be implemented by all
             * plugins. If the plugin does not need to add items on the toolbar,
             * just do nothing ;)
             * @param toolBar the wxToolBar to create items on
             * @return The plugin should return true if it needed the toolbar, false if not
00128             bool BuildToolBar(wxToolBar* toolBar){ return false; }
            /** Any descendent plugin should override this virtual method and
             * perform any necessary initialization. This method is called by
             * Code::Blocks (PluginManager actually) when the plugin has been
             * loaded and should attach in Code::Blocks. When Code::Blocks
             * starts up, it finds and <em>loads</em> all plugins but <em>does
             * not</em> activate (attaches) them. It then activates all plugins
             * that the user has selected to be activated on start-up.\n
             * This means that a plugin might be loaded but <b>not</b> activated...\n
             * Think of this method as the actual constructor...
            void OnAttach();

            /** Any descendent plugin should override this virtual method and
             * perform any necessary de-initialization. This method is called by
             * Code::Blocks (PluginManager actually) when the plugin has been
             * loaded, attached and should de-attach from Code::Blocks.\n
             * Think of this method as the actual destructor...
             * @param appShutDown If true, the application is shutting down. In this
             *         case *don't* use Manager::Get()->Get...() functions or the
             *         behaviour is undefined...
            void OnRelease(bool appShutDown);

            // ---

        wxString    GetPageFilename(int TrackerIndex);
        wxString    GetPageFilename(EditorBase* eb);
        EditorBase* GetEditor(int index);
        int         GetEditor(EditorBase* eb);
        EditorBase* GetCurrentEditor();
        int         GetCurrentEditorIndex();
        EditorBase* GetPreviousEditor();
        int         GetPreviousEditorIndex();
        int         GetEditorBrowsedCount();
        void        SetSelection(int nEditorIndex);
        void        AddEditor(EditorBase* eb);
        void        RemoveEditor(EditorBase* eb);
        void        ClearEditor(int index);
        void        RecordBrowseMark(EditorBase* eb);
        //-void        RecordBrowseMarkPosition(EditorBase*, int pos);
        void        ClearLineBrowseMark(bool removeScreenMark);
        //-void        ClearLineBrowseMark(int posn);
        void        ImportBrowse_Marks(cbEditor* ed);
        void        RebuildBrowse_Marks(cbEditor* ed, bool addedlines);
        bool        IsBrowseMarksEnabled(){return m_BrowseMarksEnabled;}

        // Book Marks recording
        void        ToggleBook_Mark(EditorBase* eb);
        void        ClearLineBookMark();
        bool        LineHasBookMarker(cbStyledTextCtrl* pControl, int line) const;

        void        ReadUserOptions(wxString configFullPath);
        void        SaveUserOptions(wxString configFullPath);
        wxFileConfig* GetBrowseTrackerCfgFile(){return m_pCfgFile; }
        wxString    GetBrowseTrackerCfgFilename(){return m_CfgFilenameStr;}

        int         m_UpdateUIEditorIndex;

        bool            m_BrowseMarksEnabled; //user has enabled BrowseTracker
        int             m_OldUserMarksStyle;
        bool            m_OldBrowseMarksEnabled;


        wxString FindAppPath(const wxString& argv0, const wxString& cwd, const wxString& appVariableName);
        void     GetCurrentScreenPositions();

            void OnMenuTrackerClear(wxCommandEvent& event);
        void OnMenuTrackerSelect(wxCommandEvent& event);

            void OnMenuTrackerDump(wxCommandEvent& event);
            void OnUpdateUI(wxUpdateUIEvent& event);
            void OnIdle(wxIdleEvent& event);
        void OnWindowSetFocus(wxFocusEvent& event);

            void OnEditorDeactivated(CodeBlocksEvent& event);
            void OnEditorActivated(CodeBlocksEvent& event);
        void OnEditorOpened(CodeBlocksEvent& event);
        void OnEditorClosed(CodeBlocksEvent& event);
        void OnEditorEventHook(cbEditor* pControl, wxScintillaEvent& event);
        void OnMarginContextMenu(wxContextMenuEvent& event);

        void OnProjectOpened(CodeBlocksEvent& event);
        void OnProjectClosing(CodeBlocksEvent& event);
        void OnProjectActivatedEvent(CodeBlocksEvent& event);
        void OnProjectLoadingHook(cbProject* project, TiXmlElement* elem, bool loading);

        void OnStartShutdown(CodeBlocksEvent& event);
        //-void OnPageChanged(wxAuiNotebookEvent& event);

        void OnMenuBrowseMarkPrevious(wxCommandEvent& event);
        void OnMenuBrowseMarkNext(wxCommandEvent& event);
        void OnMenuRecordBrowseMark(wxCommandEvent& event);
        void OnMenuClearBrowseMark(wxCommandEvent& event);
        void OnMenuClearAllBrowse_Marks(wxCommandEvent& event);
        void OnMenuSortBrowse_Marks( wxCommandEvent& event);
        void OnMenuSettings( wxCommandEvent& event);
        void OnConfigApply();

            void TrackEditorBackward();
            void TrackEditorForward();
        void OnMouseKeyEvent(wxMouseEvent& event);

        //-- BOOK marks
        void AddBook_Mark(EditorBase* eb, int line = -1);
        void OnBook_MarksToggle(wxCommandEvent& event);
        void CloneBookMarkFromEditor( int line );

        void TrackerClearAll();     //clear all active editors and BrowseMarks
        void ClearAllBrowse_Marks(bool clearScreenMarks);
        bool LineHasBrowseMarker(cbStyledTextCtrl* pControl, int line) const;
        void MarkerToggle(cbStyledTextCtrl* pControl, int line);
        void MarkerNext(cbStyledTextCtrl* pControl);
        void MarkerPrevious(cbStyledTextCtrl* pControl);
        void MarkLine(cbStyledTextCtrl* pControl, int line);
        void MarkRemove(cbStyledTextCtrl* pControl, int line);
        BrowseMarks* HashAddBrowse_Marks( const wxString fullPath);
        BrowseMarks* HashAddBook_Marks( const wxString fullPath);
        void SetBrowseMarksStyle( int userStyle);
        //-int  GetBrowseMarkerId(){return gBrowse_MarkerId;}
        //-int  GetBrowseMarkerStyle(){return gBrowse_MarkerStyle;}

        BrowseMarks* GetBrowse_MarksFromHash( EditorBase* eb);
        BrowseMarks* GetBook_MarksFromHash( EditorBase* eb);
        BrowseMarks* GetBrowse_MarksFromHash( wxString filePath);
        BrowseMarks* GetBook_MarksFromHash( wxString filePath);
        ProjectData* GetProjectDataFromHash(cbProject* pProject);
        ProjectData* GetProjectDataByProjectName( wxString filePath);
        ProjectData* GetProjectDataByEditorName( wxString filePath);
        cbProject*   GetProject(EditorBase* eb);
        wxString     GetCBConfigFile();
        wxString     GetCBConfigDir();
        bool         IsEditorBaseOpen(EditorBase* eb);

        void         DumpHash( wxString hashtype);

        bool            m_InitDone;
        wxString        m_CfgFilenameStr;

        wxFileConfig*   m_pCfgFile;

        EditorManager*  m_pEdMgr;
        ProjectManager* m_pPrjMgr;
            wxWindow*       m_pAppWin;
        wxMenuBar*      m_pMenuBar;
        wxString        m_ConfigFolder;
        wxString        m_ExecuteFolder;
        wxString        m_AppName;
        wxString        TrackerCfgFullPath;
        bool            m_bProjectIsLoading;
        //-cbProject*      m_pLoadingProject;

        wxString        m_LoadingProjectFilename;
        int             m_ProjectHookId; // project loader hook ID
        int             m_EditorHookId;  // Editor/scintilla events hook ID
        int             m_CurrEditorIndex;
        int             m_LastEditorIndex;
        ArrayOfEditorBasePtrs  m_apEditors;
        int             m_nBrowsedEditorCount;
        BrowseSelector* m_popupWin;
        EditorBase*     m_UpdateUIFocusEditor;
        EditorBase*     m_LastEbDeactivated;
        int             m_nRemoveEditorSentry;
        int             m_nBrowseMarkPreviousSentry;
        int             m_nBrowseMarkNextSentry;
        bool            m_OnEditorEventHookIgnoreMarkerChanges;

        EbBrowse_MarksHash m_EdBook_MarksHash;
        EbBrowse_MarksHash m_EbBrowse_MarksHash;

        ProjectDataHash m_ProjectDataHash;

        int             m_CurrScrLine;
        int             m_CurrScrTopLine;
        int             m_CurrLinesOnScreen;
        int             m_CurrScrLastLine;

        int             m_CurrScrPosn;
        int             m_CurrScrTopPosn;
        int             m_CurrScrLastPosn;

        int             m_CurrScrLineStartPosn;
        int             m_CurrScrLineLength;
        int             m_CurrScrLineEndPosn;

        wxLongLong      m_MouseDownTime;
        long            m_MouseXPosn;
        long            m_MouseYPosn;
        bool            m_IsMouseDoubleClick;   //last mouse click was a DClick
        int             m_UserMarksStyle;       //BrowseMarks style Browse/Book/Hidden
        int             m_ToggleKey;            //Left_Mouse or Ctrl-Left_Mouse
        int             m_LeftMouseDelay;       //milliseconds before testing toggle
        int             m_ClearAllKey;          //Ctrl-Left_Mouse or Ctrl-Left_Mouse_DClick
        bool            m_bProjectClosing;      // project close in progress
        bool            m_bAppShutdown;
        int             m_nProjectClosingFileCount;

        JumpTracker*    m_pJumpTracker;


}; //class BrowseTracker


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